The Tuition Software Company has been developing and testing education support programs since 2004. Our current product range includes Student Records Centre and Multi-Maths, an interactive, mathematics drills package covering Core-skills to GCSE equivalent.

Student Records Centre is first and foremost, a GUI facilitated, Student database.  

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, SRC generates and controls an ILP and Reports package.  This secondary program gives Tutors a ready means to review a prior session and plan the next.  And, with a click of the mouse, format and content can be changed to a Parents Progress Report, utilising prepared Statements and detailed progress indicators.


Multi-maths encourages pupil engagement with interactive content and support.  Answers are marked immediately and help screens can be accessed at any time.

Multi-maths is a Question and Answer generator, with automatic marking and results collation.  Password-protected Tutor facilities include: question by question review of the inputs and results;  record and amend progress; plan detailed exercises for each individual student; free-ranging access with interactive tool-box for class presentations.   Multi maths covers some 90% of the tuition needs for ages 6 to 16 years.

A Primary School version is configured for ages 6 to 12. There is also a pupil version, providing an ever changing selection of questions with topic-specific help screens to aid home revision.


Student Records Centre and Multi-maths are available as independent packages or as an integrated installation - As an integrated installation, Tutors are able to review and plan Multi-maths exercises within the ILP environment.

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