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The important bits

1.  SRC and Multi-maths are configured for self-contained working on your PC / network.  There is no contractual internet working or on-going fee payments.  You may however opt for on-going e-mail support, (Year 1 is free.)

2.  Multi-maths is under continuing development.  Plans for 2018 include facilities to add your own Help screens to the Library; extending the Data & Chance module to (1 - S/N) problems and interactive graphs.

3.  Our policy is “try before buy.”  Your program(s) can be installed to work in demonstration mode and then upgraded on purchase of a Licence key.   You gain full use of the program(s) on purchase, when you register a Licensee name with us.  

4.  System requirements are:  Windows environment, (XP - Windows10 have been extensively tested.)  Installed programs work best with dual core processors running in excess of 2.2 GHz and a minimum of 2Gb RAM.  A server capacity of 5Mb per student should be reserved.

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