Outline of Multi-Maths

Multi-Maths is a Windows-based package which engages pupils through absorbing and entertaining interactive content.  Questions are posed and answers checked; records are kept and progress tracked. Facilities available to the teacher include:

Different modes of use:

Class participative working; projector or projector and whiteboard

Pupils on own PCs; class exercises or individually planned exercises; free-ranging access

Distinct modular approach:

Levelled exercises in each module.  Eg: Level 1 focuses on the module's topic with the simplest of maths.

Next three levels introduce added complexity through more advanced maths and / or problem-based context.  Modules are:


Percentages and Measures

Fractions and decimals

Trigonometry - inc. Reflections and transpositions


Data & Chance (Under development)

Questions and Answers are created dynamically - a change of exercise level immediately changes the content to suit.  As a pupil submits their answer, the program checks it against the correct (or model) answer and responds; marks earned are collated and posted to an on-going progress record for subsequent assessment and planning.

A library of Help screens is available as both a teaching aid and as reference material for the pupil.

These are readily accessible throughout the exercises.

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